misytck (misytck) wrote,

Friday Snippet

Simon Levy turned the little cardboard sign in the window to “CLOSED”.  After carefully locking the door to his bookstore, he took the cash out of the register to the small back room that was his private library and refuge—a room purposely devoid of electricity, it was the last remnant of the abode his ancestors had passed down through the generations.


Simon lit a small candle before he flipped the light off in the main part of the bookstore and turned to take one last look around, pale grey eyes slowly adjusting to the sudden dimness of the room.  He sighed gently as he walked into the library.  Simon had been following the same routine for a very long time now.  It was eons ago that he had been young.


     He locked and bolted the library door and stood the candle in its holder on the desk.  He sat down as he counted the money.   He tapped the stack edgewise against the table until the bills fell into order against his fingers.  Satisfied with the day’s take, he walked to the wall safe and locked up the cash.  As he turned away, his gaze fell on the three bookcases lining the south wall of the little room.  He thought he had seen something; a bluish light emanating from the top shelf.


     Curious, he went over to the bookcase on the right and pulled down an old and ragged leather-bound tome.  This was most likely to be the cause of the glowing light, if indeed his old eyes weren’t playing tricks on him.  He slowly opened it to the slight bulge in the middle of the book and stared at it.  It was an irregular shaped stone, a fragment or shard broken from a stone tablet.  Nothing happened.  Neither it nor the book glowed.


     After squinting at it intently for quite some time, Simon shook his head and sighed.  Must be my old eyes and mind.  Maybe I’m wishing too hard.  I have lived a long time with this burden and how I do wish to pass it on. 


     Simon was the last of his line and unless those he called the Wise Ones returned, he would continue to stand guard over that shard of stone for eternity.  He sighed again.  “Oh how I wish my dearest Rebekah had been able to give me a son before she was taken from me.  I could then have passed this on to him and his sons.”


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